What’s On Your Walls?

This summer I spent a lot of time on art and not much time blogging about decorating! I was thrilled to have a solo show of my fiber art at the Reston Community Center in August, and even more thrilled that several of my pieces sold. It’s so gratifying to have other people like what I do. Here are a couple of the pieces that sold:

fiber art, wall hanging, floral, flowers, bright colors, cheerful, colorful

Floral Landscape 1


fiber art, fabric, colorful, wall hanging, purple, gold, floral, flowers

Seismic Garden


fiber art, wall hanging, blues, night landscape, fabric, fjord, water, ombre

Violet Hour

So let’s segue from there into what you can put on your walls other than pictures or paintings. The possibilities are so much more varied than they were even a decade ago!

First off, there’s fiber art (-:

fiber art, wall hanging, fabric, graphic, bold, geometric

Good Neighbors


Then, there’s metal sculpture. This is from my own home, which I blogged about previously here.


metal sculpture, metal wall art, sunburst

Another take on metal wall art – I love these plates behind the bed that become a de facto headboard:

metal wall art, brass plates, silver bedroom

Words that express your values, hopes, dreams, likes and dislikes are a fun way to spice up your walls.

Wooden wall art, words on wall, signs, rustic wall decor


How about something really different? Not many people have doorknob wall decor!


And fiber comes in many shapes and forms, not just quilted wall hangings like I make. How about this decorative rug from joolzigens on Etsy.com?

decorative rug, wall hanging

Change one thing on your walls this fall for an infusion of new energy into your space. Try something different. Places like Target and HomeGoods are inexpensive sources for fun items that can update and enliven your rooms. We’re coming into that season of spending more time inside, so it’s nice to get things really cozy and set for a comfortable cold season indoors.



Tips for hanging artwork and pictures

Blank walls can seem to cry out for something to be hung on them.

walls in need of artwork

But there’s lots of confusion about how to best display artwork, mementos, family pictures, or whatever else you have that’s wall-friendly. What often happens is that people spread everything out evenly on the walls around the room, sort of like what you’d see in a museum gallery:

tips for hanging art well

It’s much more effective, though, to group things so that you have a few focal points on the wall instead trying to fill as much wall space as possible. Your artwork should draw attention to itself – it’s like a great piece of jewelry added to a good outfit. Big pieces are not so hard – over the sofa, on an entry wall, a dining room wall. What’s harder are the small pieces of artwork that are often found looking lonely on big walls. Group them! Over a table, the sofa, a dresser, the fireplace. That way attention is drawn to the whole grouping and the viewer is attracted to getting closer to see the details.

art groupings


plates hanging on wall

art grouping over sofa


family picture display on wall

Then let the walls in between the groupings be empty. You don’t have to fill every bit of wall space there is. When you have focal points, the blank spaces in between are like resting places for the eye. There’s a rhythm between the places to look and the blank places.

I know it can be tricky to get everything placed on the wall in a pleasing and orderly arrangement. Future post: how-to tips on laying out and hanging groupings of artwork or pictures.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me for help!