Garden Stools Come Inside

This is a really fun trend – Chinese garden stools used indoors in myriad ways. They’re great on the patio or deck too, as originally purposed in China:

They’ve been showing up inside the home for a while now in all kinds of ways – as side tables:

garden stool as side table

.. As extra seating, while doubling as a design element while they wait to be pressed into service:


garden stool as extra seating


You can use them in every room; think outside the box! (or tub, or inside the shower!)


garden stool in shower


garden stool


garden stool as bedside table

A truly versatile piece, inexpensive, at home inside or out, easily movable, can change functions in a flash – unexpected guest, run out of chairs? The stool that was a side table becomes an extra seat in a second. And the variety of styles, materials and colors out there is endless. I seem to have posted lots of pictures of white ones, so here’s some more variety. The three below are all from

garden stool, design elementgarden stool, design element

garden stool, design element










So do you have any of these in use in your home? Have you thought of other unique purposes for them? Do share!