Decorating with Rocks

I am getting a big kick out of the recent trend towards using objects from nature as decor objects. West Elm’s last catalog was chock full of rustic items from nature:

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Weathered Wood Spheres from West Elm

The Washington Post wrote an article last week in the Home Section with this subtitle: “Specimens such as skeletons, tortoise shells, bugs and stuffed animals are in at Paris’s Maison & Objet”.

Check out the rocks on my kitchen window ledge:


The variety of texture, color and shape is so interesting. My mom finds my rock collection amusing. But I like it. Now stuff like this is getting popular, so interesting as a counterpoint to the glittery, bling-y look that’s been around for a while now. Maybe we are ready to embrace a more natural aesthetic again. So if you find something outside that you like, bring it in!