Put a Rug Under It

A rug can make such a difference in taking a room from sort-of-done to finished. As wonderful as hardwood is, in a living area it’s a rug on top of the wood that grounds the seating in the room. It ties it all together and invites you in.

Here’s my client’s living room with the major furniture pieces in place, but without the rug yet.


Here’s the room with a rug.


Yes, the drapes, end tables and lamps help a lot, too! But it’s the rug that fixes that feeling of the furniture just floating around in the room.

Here’s the before and after from the other direction:


And after:


I had fun photographing the room so here are a few more shots.




The Power of Editing

…. or, how less is really more.

sewing, reorganize, redecorate, decor, declutter

Recently we got new carpeting upstairs at our house. When you get new carpet, you have to pack up and move out. In moving back into my office/ sewing room/ spare bedroom, it was time to reassess.

I had long been frustrated with the functioning of the room. I work in there – all household paperwork and bills; all House to Home computer work and paperwork gets done there. I sew in there – for years I’ve been making quilted artwork. And, it’s a spare bedroom.  The futon bed in there took up lots of room that I realized I wanted for sewing and working on other stuff.

So I decided to get rid of it. It felt radical to me. Like, can I really decide we will not have a spare bed so that I can more easily do what I really want to do in this room which is de facto my office?

Giving myself permission to ditch the bed (I gave it away on Craigslist) was so liberating. My creativity has taken off since I made more room for myself in there. There is room to spread out and I have space for cutting on a separate table from where the sewing machine is, the desk is in a more pleasing position, and the room has an overall lighter feel. It works for me. It fills me with happiness whenever I come into it.

sewing space, organize, declutter, decor, reorganize

So, don’t be afraid to get rid of what’s not working for you. Do you use it? Do you love it? If the answer to both of these questions is no, then – let it go. See what kind of space opens up for you when you do.

Client Living Room Redesign

A recent redesign of a client’s living room:



This is a lovely condo in Reston Town Center, spacious and bright. My client hated the living room. She and her husband were happy to spend their time in the family room, but she was frustrated that the living room was not functional, and wanted a space that could entertain a group more easily than the smaller family room.



We conferred about the arrangement that would work best and the items she would purchase, and she decided to go with a new color palette entirely. Didn’t she do a great job? I advised a slightly larger rug to anchor the seating area more completely, and it really makes a difference. Switching the sofa to the long wall and putting a smaller love seat into the window nook worked better for the proportions of the room. It also allowed the large Asian piece above the sofa to assume its place as the focal point of the room. The pair of lamps introduces some symmetry and adds needed nighttime light. The armchair and another across the room (pictured below) can be pulled into the conversation area to provide seating for a group. My client reports that she uses the room all the time now! Always gratifying to hear.