What’s On Your Walls?

This summer I spent a lot of time on art and not much time blogging about decorating! I was thrilled to have a solo show of my fiber art at the Reston Community Center in August, and even more thrilled that several of my pieces sold. It’s so gratifying to have other people like what I do. Here are a couple of the pieces that sold:

fiber art, wall hanging, floral, flowers, bright colors, cheerful, colorful

Floral Landscape 1


fiber art, fabric, colorful, wall hanging, purple, gold, floral, flowers

Seismic Garden


fiber art, wall hanging, blues, night landscape, fabric, fjord, water, ombre

Violet Hour

So let’s segue from there into what you can put on your walls other than pictures or paintings. The possibilities are so much more varied than they were even a decade ago!

First off, there’s fiber art (-:

fiber art, wall hanging, fabric, graphic, bold, geometric

Good Neighbors


Then, there’s metal sculpture. This is from my own home, which I blogged about previously here.


metal sculpture, metal wall art, sunburst

Another take on metal wall art – I love these plates behind the bed that become a de facto headboard:

metal wall art, brass plates, silver bedroom

Words that express your values, hopes, dreams, likes and dislikes are a fun way to spice up your walls.

Wooden wall art, words on wall, signs, rustic wall decor


How about something really different? Not many people have doorknob wall decor!


And fiber comes in many shapes and forms, not just quilted wall hangings like I make. How about this decorative rug from joolzigens on Etsy.com?

decorative rug, wall hanging

Change one thing on your walls this fall for an infusion of new energy into your space. Try something different. Places like Target and HomeGoods are inexpensive sources for fun items that can update and enliven your rooms. We’re coming into that season of spending more time inside, so it’s nice to get things really cozy and set for a comfortable cold season indoors.



Time for Change!

Sometimes it’s just time for something new! The fireplace in our family room was a case in point. I’d gotten tired of the painting that was there; a print of a Fitz Hugh Lane painting depicting becalmed ships in Gloucester Harbor off of Cape Ann north of Boston. I was fond of it because we’d lived up there for a while and it reminded me of that time, but it was feeling really lifeless to me – I mean, becalmed ships! It was time for a change.


I knew I wanted something round there, and I looked at a lot of round mirrors on Craigslist, but nothing really grabbed me, and I wasn’t really convinced I wanted a mirror anyway. Finally we found a metal sunburst sculpture online that we really liked. We auditioned it by making a newspaper template the same size as the sculpture to make sure it looked proportional to the fireplace.


It took a while to finally decide to order the sculpture – it was kind of expensive. In the meantime I got to like the newspaper; it looked sort of bohemian! But, we finally decided to buy the sculpture as an anniversary gift for ourselves, so we made the leap and ordered it from touchofclass.com. I love all the varieties of metal in it. It’s got silvery, coppery, brassy, rusty looking and even bluish parts.  



And the full view, day and night. It definitely does feel like a great update: much more texture, more lively, much less stale. Yay for making that change I’d been thinking about forever!