The Color Antidote

These winter months have me craving warm, rich, saturated color.  Given that we’re in that stretch of the year when things are particularly colorless, and the green explosion of spring is just barely on the horizon, let’s look at some hot, bright palettes to remind us of sunny, vibrant places and times.

I really love color. There are no white walls in my house. One of my decorating goals for the year is to be even braver with color. Orange and fuchsia, anyone?

Another designer I know recently posted about this site on her blog and I have to share it:

Basically there are tons of beautiful pictures which are broken down into their component hues. Just looking at the pictures is lovely, but it’s also interesting to see how the mixture of different colors combine to create a harmonious whole.

Here are a few of the pictures I found irresistible this week. They’re all very high contrast, just the remedy for a landscape of brown branches against gray skies.

This one just chases those winter blahs right away:

I love how the colored blobs (molten glass? gelatin? very colorful amoeba?) demonstrate so perfectly how yellow and blue make green when mixed together – very cool.
Such rich shades here.
These purples are really luscious. I’m thinking how fun it would be to have a whole bunch of pillows in all these purple hues on a neutral gray sofa.
Was I talking about orange and fuchsia??  Well, pretty close, here. I can just feel the warm sun toasting my shoulders.
It’s fun to think of color schemes this wild, very bold and bright. I do also like calmer palettes! Maybe in springtime they’ll be speaking to me. But now these saturated, vivid colors seem so appealing.
Happy February, everyone.