Room Redesign
Color Consultation
Resale-Ready ® Home Staging
Art and Accessories Facelift
Hourly Shopping

“We are very happy with the outcome of your suggestions. Thank you again, we love our new arrangement!”  -DD, Columbia

Room Redesign

Unify and harmonize your space

  • Uses what you already have as a foundation for redesigning your space
  • Addresses paint color, window treatments, flooring, lighting, furniture arrangement, and placement of art and accessories
  • Helps you organize the room so it works better and looks better
  • Involves you in every decision so the final result is a room that’s just right for you
  • 2 tier pricing:     $275 per room – includes on-site consultation (yes, we will move furniture around!) and written follow-up OR  $400 per room includes the above plus shopping assistance from Anne afterwards to help with selection of additional items, and a digital collage (mood board) of your finished room so you can visualize all the elements together before purchasing anything else

Color Consultation

Choose your mood

  • Finds the colors that resonate with you and your furniture
  • Ensures your fabrics and furnishings will complement, not clash with, the wall colors
  • Gives your home character and ambience
  • Is the easiest way to make a dramatic change in the look and feel of your rooms
  • $200 for up to 4 rooms

Resale-Ready ® Home Staging

Attract the highest price

  • Maximizes your real estate profit and helps to sell your home quickly by boosting its appeal to potential buyers
  • Quickly and easily fixes common decorating problems
  • Can be done on a room by room basis, or cover the entire house
  • Saves money on expensive furniture rentals and moving services
  • $275 per room

Art and Accessories Facelift

Let your treasures shine

  • Provides an expert eye for hanging artwork and displaying decor items to best effect
  • Ensures your special things get the focus they deserve
  • Provides the finishing touches that pull the whole room together
  • May be all you need if you’re comfortable with the basics of your arrangement, but want help with the details
  • $200 for up to 4 rooms

Hourly Shopping

Choose with confidence

  • Helps you decide what will suit your space well and harmonize with your current furnishings
  • Gives you the choice of shopping together in person or reviewing at your convenience options I’ve researched for you online
  • $75/ hour with 2 hour minimum if in person; 1 hour minimum if done online from my home


Sort, save and discard with certainty

  • Helps you decide which of your furnishings you will need and which will fit well in your new home
  • Ensures you have the right things when you arrive
  • Saves money by not moving what won’t fit or be useful in your new home
  • Includes review of both homes, the one you’re leaving and the one you’re moving into
  • Gives you resources for where to donate what you no longer need
  • $275 flat rate per room in new residence; hourly rate of $75/hour in old residence