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Like Falling Leaves

Before long the trees will start dropping their leaves in preparation for winter. They’ve amassed their energy during the seasons of growth and maturation, and will let go of them as it becomes time to conserve energy through the cold winter, until the time for new growth comes again next spring.

declutter, organize, clean, fall, autumn

leaves, fall, declutter, organize, decorate, decor, clean

Always inspired by nature, I like to ask in the fall: what is superfluous, what can be eliminated so that my home is simple and spare, holds just what I need? I find I can think better and work better when my surroundings hold only what I use and love.
It’s less confusing, easier to focus. All that extraneous stuff can be distracting!

declutter, decorate, reorganize, redesign, clean and simple

Just as the trees let go of their leaves, the perennials die back to their root systems and the flowering bulbs store their energy for springtime, we do ourselves a favor by simplifying our homes to the essentials of what we use and love. A room that is simple and spare encourages calmness, purpose and focus.

reorganize, organize, decorate, redesign, declutter, simplify, clean


Follow the cues outside the windows …  Fall is a great time for letting go of what’s not needed!