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Recycling Stuff You Didn’t Think You Could

Who knew? Best Buy takes all kinds of things for recycling. The kiosks at the front of the store include drop-off containers for:

plastic bags

CDs, DVDs, cases           images

used gift cards

wires, cords, cables

remotes and controllers

ink and toner cartridges

rechargeable batteries

But in addition, they take a ton of other stuff. Computers, printers, game controllers, TVs up to certain sizes, cell phones, and more. A complete list is here, and at the bottom you can choose your state to see any restrictions that apply.

Spring is Sprung

When the seasons change, we feel the energy shift. Spring brings with it a surge of energy, life and growth. We see it in the buds literally bursting open on the trees.


Bring that life inside! An infusion of color and pattern will liven up your home and make it match that awakening feeling that’s happening outdoors.               

It’s no surprise that Easter decorations are the colors of springtime.


But even if you’re not celebrating Easter, there are lots of ways to get some new color going in your decor. Flowers:


or flower pillows:

How about a new lamp?


Switch out a piece of artwork for something more seasonal:

Cherry Blossoms


Or add a colorful accessory:

colorful accessories


Out with the wintery decor items; in with a breath of fresh air! Bring in the blues, the greens, the yellows, the oranges, pinks and purples. Let spring reign inside and out!


Client Living Room Redesign

A recent redesign of a client’s living room:



This is a lovely condo in Reston Town Center, spacious and bright. My client hated the living room. She and her husband were happy to spend their time in the family room, but she was frustrated that the living room was not functional, and wanted a space that could entertain a group more easily than the smaller family room.



We conferred about the arrangement that would work best and the items she would purchase, and she decided to go with a new color palette entirely. Didn’t she do a great job? I advised a slightly larger rug to anchor the seating area more completely, and it really makes a difference. Switching the sofa to the long wall and putting a smaller love seat into the window nook worked better for the proportions of the room. It also allowed the large Asian piece above the sofa to assume its place as the focal point of the room. The pair of lamps introduces some symmetry and adds needed nighttime light. The armchair and another across the room (pictured below) can be pulled into the conversation area to provide seating for a group. My client reports that she uses the room all the time now! Always gratifying to hear.


Time for Change!

Sometimes it’s just time for something new! The fireplace in our family room was a case in point. I’d gotten tired of the painting that was there; a print of a Fitz Hugh Lane painting depicting becalmed ships in Gloucester Harbor off of Cape Ann north of Boston. I was fond of it because we’d lived up there for a while and it reminded me of that time, but it was feeling really lifeless to me – I mean, becalmed ships! It was time for a change.


I knew I wanted something round there, and I looked at a lot of round mirrors on Craigslist, but nothing really grabbed me, and I wasn’t really convinced I wanted a mirror anyway. Finally we found a metal sunburst sculpture online that we really liked. We auditioned it by making a newspaper template the same size as the sculpture to make sure it looked proportional to the fireplace.


It took a while to finally decide to order the sculpture – it was kind of expensive. In the meantime I got to like the newspaper; it looked sort of bohemian! But, we finally decided to buy the sculpture as an anniversary gift for ourselves, so we made the leap and ordered it from I love all the varieties of metal in it. It’s got silvery, coppery, brassy, rusty looking and even bluish parts.  



And the full view, day and night. It definitely does feel like a great update: much more texture, more lively, much less stale. Yay for making that change I’d been thinking about forever!